'The Vampire Diaries,' Season 4, Episode 20 Recap: "The Originals"

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'The Vampire Diaries' hit the road again, destination Big Easy, in "The Originals" backdoor pilot. %VIRTUAL-Gallery-185824%

The Vampire Diaries
hit the road again, destination Big Easy, in "The Originals"--actually the backdoor pilot for the forthcoming spinoff of the same name.

What, you were hoping for a Treme crossover? You must be so disappointed. Sort of like fans of Damon, who only bookended the episode with Stefan, Katherine and a slowly desiccating Elena. (Asks the elder Salvatore: "How hungry does she have to be before we can torture some feelings back into her?" Famished, apparently, because the bros seem to be ratcheting up the "enhanced interrogation" in next week's episode.)

While we missed the Salvatores, New Orleans is not lacking for hot supes-in addition to the other hot brothers, Klaus and Elijah, "Originals" introduced the wildly charismatic Marcel, Klaus' sire and the unofficial mayor. The vampire musician has been in charge ever since Klaus-apparently NOLA's founder-took off a century ago.

Marcel doesn't like witches and punishes magic with death-including recent lawbreaker Jane Devereaux. That peeves Klaus, because he was hoping to get some intel from her.

He gets some unwelcome intel from her sister instead. Remember his hookup with Hayley? Neither of them used protection, and you know what that means: baby on board! Yes, defying all the laws of nature, the hybrid and the werewolf are going to be parents.

This raises all kinds of questions: When's the baby shower? What on earth will we buy them? Are they even registered? Pump the brakes, though, because Klaus at first is much more interested in killing his offspring than planning a nursery.

In the end, Elijah's Family First campaign finally succeeds. And although Klaus makes nice with Marcel, he aspires to be king. And guess what? "Every king needs an heir."

Every king also needs a queen, and Klaus' romantic phone call to Caroline makes it clear that his baby mama's not his first choice. And if anything could lure Caroline to Klaus' side, it's a pretty crown!


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