'The Voice' Contestant Ryan Innes Reveals His Relationship Status and Talks About How the Contestants Get Along Off-Camera (EXCLUSIVE!)

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Find out what Ryan Innes and the other contestants do during their downtime and how he REALLY feels about his coach, Usher. Ryan Innes is the soulful singer from Provo, Utah who got all four judges to turn for his rendition of "Gravity" during The Voice blind auditions.

During his bio piece, Ryan talked about how a broken engagement helped him get into music...which is ironic because his soothing voice would make any woman melt.

So, we couldn't resist asking Ryan if he's used that voice to serenade a woman and more importantly, what his relationship status is right now.

Then, after we got the serious questions out of the way, Ryan showed off his awesome sense of humor as he answered some of our other burning questions.

Check out our Q&A with Ryan below to see whether or not he's single, how he feels about his coach (Usher), what the contestants do during their downtime and more!

Cambio: First, the question that all of the ladies want to know...are you single?

Ryan: Hah...yes. Super single.

Have you ever sung to serenade a woman?

I have most definitely serenaded a woman. My smoking hot 3rd grade teacher didn't appreciate it though during Social Studies. Weird.

You earned a four-chair turn during the blind auditions. Describe that moment when you saw all four judges facing you, saying they wanted you on their team.

I was a little taken back initially. A little speechless. I was not expecting that. I was happy about my performance though and felt good about it, so I was really flattered they had felt something, too. Then I felt this wave of excitement come over me because I realized I was gonna be on The Voice and life was never gonna be the same. And THEN I freaked out a lot a bit cause now I had to actually choose between all these AMAZING artists/coaches. It was like standing in front of an "All You Can Eat" Donut buffet but only getting to choose one. Hah..I kid. But seriously. ;)

There are various iterations of the beard on your FB page...would you ever consider shaving it altogether?

There are only a few instances I can think of that would strongly persuade me to shave off the beard entirely. 1) It would bring world peace 2) A dare to shave it off if I won The Voice 3) If Jesus shaved off his. But I reserve the right to shave it off whenever for no reason at all.

What do you guys do during your downtime? Do the contestants all hang out together...do they pretty much stick with their teams? Or do you all need a break from each other and take time to yourselves?

Downtime is rare but when we get it we are usually trying to catch up on sleep. But we all hang out together regardless of team. We get to go to the movies every now and then which is rad. Overall It's much more family like. Lots of hugs, high fives, and fights over who gets the last roll.

What is one thing that surprised you about your coach, Usher?

I was surprised by how grounded and deep he was with comments and suggestions about our musical performances and life really. He delved into talking with me about my past heartbreak and was very empathetic. He was then able to help me understand how to translate those real emotions into a connected and convicted performance. Conviction was the word he and Pharrell made sure I remembered from our mentoring sessions. He gave me some great advice on how to just be yourself as an artist. To stand and shine right where you are regardless of what others are doing. And people will see that and resonate with it as long you stay genuine and sincere. I loved being surprised because it reaffirmed to me that we really don't know someone till we spend some real time with them. He's an amazing coach.

Does your coach remind you of anyone (famous or someone in your life like you mom or dad) and why?

I can honestly say I've never met anyone else like Usher. Rad dude.

Check out the gallery below to see candid photos from some of the other contestants.



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