'Glee' Recap: Ryder Shares a Childhood Secret as He Bonds With Kitty

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What secrets are revealed when the power goes out at McKinley High?

Glee's "Lights Out" episode had a lot of great moments--from silly to sweet to moving and all things in between. Here are a couple of our favorites (cut the power and cue the acoustic performances):

A moment that left us breathless: Ryder reveals his dark childhood secret.
In the wake of Ryder's (Blake Jenner) catfish relationship with Katie, he decides to open up about his trouble trusting girls and explains why. After singing REM's "Everybody Hurts" to his fellow "New Directions-ers," he explains his secret. "When I was 11, I was molested by my babysitter; It kind of messed me up a bit. I think I have trouble trusting girls because of it," he shared. But Ryder's shocking confession does not get the reaction most would expect, as Sam (Chord Overstreet) and the other guys congratulate him for getting on with an older girl.

The moment that made us want to cry: Kittyreveals her childhood secret to Ryder.
Following Ryder's confession, Kitty (Becca Tobin) comforts him when she reveals that she too was molested by a friend's older brother at a sleepover. But her hurt spilled over to bigger problems when no one believed her and after being teased so much, she eventually had to change schools. These two now seemed to have bonded and go out for pasta.

We just got to bust a move: New Directions does a "Stomp the Yard" rendition of "We Will Rock You."
Hey, need a pick-me-up from all the seriousness that this week's Glee had to offer? Artie (Kevin Michael McHale), who can't seem to put his phone down, leads New Direction in a no-tech, we mean an acoustic, version of Queen's "We will Rock You." There's a new rhythm section as students bang on plastic water bottles, pencils and cans performing this classic rock anthem.

We just can't stop laughing: Sue sings the praises of her newfound freedom and goes head-to-head with Blaine.

Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch) seems a bit too happy about the fact that she is now a "Freelance Champion," working as a personal trainer getting paid twice as much and not having to deal with students. Blaine (Darren Criss) confesses he wanted to bring her down her while begging her to come back! She slams him in typical Sylvester style, but we do get the feeling that she is beginning to miss McKinley High.

The Bonehead move of the week: Ryder passes up a real date with Kitty in order to talk to his catfish girlfriend Katie?
Seriously, Ryder how boneheaded can you be? After Kitty confides in Ryder and the two go to dinner, she gets up the nerve to ask him to hangout. But Ryder is consumed with his all-too-fake girlfriend and stupidly passes up a chance with a REAL girl.

The Ah moment: Rachel, Kurt and Santana (with Isabelle Wright) shine at the Ballet.
Talk about a really cute and beautiful moment--Rachel (Lea Michele), Kurt (Chris Colfer) and Santana (Naya Rivera) with Isabelle Wright (Sarah Jessica Parker) look stunning and sound amazing as they sing a song from A Chorus Line. All three lovely ladies look breathtaking in their evening gowns, especially you Rachel--love the pink princess number! Kurt doesn't look that bad either. It causes Santana (who has been crashing with Rachel and Kurt) to have an epiphany and finally realize that she wants to pursue ballet, so she starts attending free dance classes at NYADA.



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