Harry Styles and Kimberly Stewart Update: Harry Had a Crush on Kimberly?

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Did Harry Styles have a crush on Kimberly Stewart?
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The Harry Styles and Kimberly Stewart dating buzz is heating up--after Harry reportedly spent the night at Rod Stewart's house!

Harry and Rod's family, including Kimberly, went out to dinner together the other night--and Hazza was seen leaving Rod's home the next day.

He and Kimberly reportedly had a coffee date, as Harry was seen buying two coffees at Starbucks.

A source tells Mirror's 3AM, "He [Harry] was on holiday in LA and Rod asked him if he fancied a night out. He said yes right away and he and Kimberly got on very well indeed. The next morning they drove to a Starbucks together where Harry jumped out of the car to buy a coffee for himself and Kim--who was waiting for him."

Meanwhile, a source tells HollywoodLife.com that Harry had been crushing on Kimberly, explaining, "Harry has had the hots for Kim for a long time. He has always had a crush on her, and she totally gets him and his sense of humor."

Harry tweeted why he and Rod Stewart hooked up in the first place, explaining; "Pal @CalAurand directed @rodstewart at the troubadour the other night. Great show, you can watch it"

Are Harry and Kimberly officially dating? There's been no word from Harry's rep shooting down the rumors, so we wonder...

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