Gallery | Tay's Performing Ways!

Wow! You won't believe how much Taylor Swift spent on her new mansion! Find out how much and where it's! [TMZ]

Listen to Beyonce's new song! Are you feelin' it?! [JustJared]

Good news for a Glee star and his famous girlfriend too!

Which hot country singer just announced his wife is having ANOTHER baby? Click to find out! [TheBoot]

You won't believe which leading lady on TV was super hot when she was in high school! Peep the pic here! [HuffPostCelebrity]

Baby-making isn't only for Nashville celebs! Find out which ACTOR's wife is having a baby too! HINT: He used to date Jennifer Aniston! [WetPaint]

Aww! Check out Jennifer Lawrence's early modeling pics! They're adorbs! [E! Online]

Who is One Direction's Harry Styles reportedly dating? HINT: Her dad is famous!

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