'The Voice' Contestant Judith Hill Shares Her Advice for Aspiring Singers, Her Pre-Performance Process and More! (EXCLUSIVE)

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The Voice's Judith Hill tells us what she does before she goes on stage and what advice she would give to other aspiring singers. Judith Hill has already received a lot of recognition for her amazing talent. In fact, Judith was set to be the lead female vocalist in Michael Jackson's "This is It" tour before his untimely death.

Now, Judith has brought her talent to The Voice, where she earned a four-chair turn during her blind audition and has quickly become a fan favorite.

We caught up with Judith as she was getting ready for the "Knockout Rounds" and got to ask her all of our burning questions.

Read on to find out the inspiring reason Judith decided to try out for The Voice, what she does before she goes on stage, who she's still star struck by and much more!

Cambio: How do you deal with the pressure every time you step on stage or are you able to put it out of your mind?

Judith: I usually take a few deep breaths and pray before I set foot on stage. Also, I think about the lyrics of the song because it helps me calm down and centers my emotions.

Does your coach remind you of anyone (famous or someone in your life like you mom or dad) and why?

Adam kind of reminds me of Tom Cruise. I'm a big Tom Cruise fan and I could picture Adam in a Mission Impossible movie, jumping off buildings and doing some very top secret undercover assignments.

Is the training for The Voice different than the training you've done for your professional career or do you find it to be similar (i.e. is it more intense, etc.)?

The training for The Voice is more intense because there are cameras everywhere. It has been really challenging for me to come out of my shell as I'm generally a shy person.

What is one thing that surprised you about your coach?

I am surprised to learn that Adam's father owns a clothing line and Adam use to work at the shop when he was younger.

With your background, you could have done a variety of things within the profession...what made you decide to try out for The Voice?

I've been singing in the background for a while, but "The Voice" is giving me an opportunity to take center stage and share my personal style and message with everyone. I'm excited to be on the show and have America help me on this journey as I make that transition from background singer to artist.

Having worked with Michael Jackson and sang in front of so many of music's greatest, is there anyone that you're still star struck by?

Leonardo DiCaprio and Barbra Streisand!

What is one piece of advice would you give to aspiring singers?

In my experience, I've learned that the most important thing to do is to sing from a very vulnerable, emotional place. As artists, we have to get rid of all mental distractions and make that heart to heart connection with the audience.

Check out these pics of Judith and her fellow Voice contestants hanging out backstage.


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