'Married to Jonas' Episode 2 Recap: Kevin Eats Too Much Crawfish, Plus Bonus Video!

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Kevin Jonas gets sick from crawfish on the latest 'Married to Jonas' episode.
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Is it wrong that seeing Kevin Jonas get sick on Married to Jonas season 2 episode 2 made us laugh?

We're sorry, Kevin. We feel for you, really...but did you have to eat SO many crawfish?

The Married to Jonas episode mainly followed the Jonas Brothers filming their "Pom Poms" video in New Orleans.

When in New Orleans, you've got to eat some of the local cuisine, of course --and we were treated to the JoBros inhaling a gigantic pile of crawfish.

Only, it didn't all agree with Kevin, who spent a great deal of time in his trailer (and the bathroom, really), as MTJ viewers wondered when he'd come out of the tummy trouble tailspin.

When songwriter Paul Shelton tells Kevin to suck it up and continue with filming the video, Kevin says, "The problem is, if I suck it up, it's going to be in my pants."

We die.

Meanwhile, Danielle finds that living with her family is a challenge, her sister Dina is upset about Dani and Kevin moving to New York City, and Danielle has a kick-ass photo shoot.

Bonus Married to Jonas video clip--Kev and Dani go shopping in NYC:

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