'Teen Mom' Insider Says the Show is "Heavily Scripted"

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According to a former cameraman for MTV's Teen Mom, the show is "heavily scripted" and the director practically feeds them their lines. Have you ever been watching the "reality show" Teen Mom and thought it seemed a little fake?

Sometimes the timing of things just seems a little too convenient or the sound on the voiceovers doesn't match the sound from the rest of the show, which makes you wonder if they dubbed in scripted lines over the original. Other times, the girls don't seem to be experiencing any kind of emotion whatsoever even during highly-charged situations.

For example, when Kailyn Lowry from Teen Mom 2 is telling her then-boyfriend, Jordan, that she had cheated on him, she says the whole thing was a re-enactment. "The scene where I tell Jordan about cheating on him was re-enacted," she says. "That's why I was so coldhearted. Jordan already knew about it at that time and we had already moved past it."

And stretching the boundaries of "reality" doesn't end with the re-enactments.

In the new book Teen Mom Confidential, a former cameraman for the show says that it is "heavily scripted" and that it "gets to the point where the director is feeding them lines."

Megan McConnell, who appeared on the show's predecessor, 16 & Pregnant, said even the voiceovers are falsified. "My voiceovers were pretty much all lies," she wrote on her blog (which she was later ordered to remove). "I would say 90% of the stuff they MADE me say was a lie. It took five hours to record voiceovers because I fought every little bit of it."

Megan also said that they made her lie about trivial things, like her father being active duty in the Army (he had long since retired at the time of the show) and that she had never been outside of her small town.

Obviously, some things have to be re-enacted and there are times when cameras don't catch everything forcing producers to fill in the blanks, but do you think Teen Mom is taking it a little bit too far?




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