Top 3 Moments from Episode 2 of 'What Would Ryan Lochte Do?'

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We recount our three favorite moments from this week's episode of What Would Ryan Lochte Do? This week's episode of What Would Ryan Lochte Do? featured a lot of LOL-worthy moments. Suffice it to say, Ryan definitely plays by his own rules when it comes to work, dating and...well, just about everything he does in his life!

Take a look at our top three moments from this week and tell us which one was your favorite.

The Jumping Banana

Let's face it, there are a lot of things that stump Ryan Lochte. Sometimes it's just the mere act of completing a sentence that can become a little challenging.

In those moments, Ryan just freezes...mid-thought, mid-sentence, could be anywhere! The process will just stop as if Ryan hit a red light on the road of communication.

Finally, one of the producers couldn't contain his curiosity and asked Ryan what happens in those blank moments.

"I don't even know," Ryan responded. "Something...will pop up in my all of a sudden, I have like a jumping banana in my head and I just stop and pause like 'that damn jumping banana is in my head.'"

Don't you hate when that happens?!

Lochte Loves a Good Prank

Ryan confessed during the season premiere that he loves to mess with his little brother (and roommate) Devon. In that episode, we saw Ryan fulfilling his end of a lost bet by washing Devon's car. Devon insisted that Ryan clean the rims with a toothbrush, so he did as he was told...however, Devon was less than pleased when he learned that Ryan was using HIS toothbrush to scrub the dirty rims and not his own.

In this episode, we see Ryan up the ante and play an even funnier joke on his little bro.

Since Devon agreed to take Ryan to the airport, Ryan wakes up early the morning they are supposed to leave and gets dressed and ready to go...he then runs in to Devon's room and wakes him up out of a dead sleep pretending like he overslept and now he's going to be late for his plane.

An alarmed Devon stumbles out of bed and is clumsily hurrying to get dressed when Ryan finally tells him that it was a joke.

While we thought it was pretty funny, Devon didn't seem to get too big a kick out of it at the time. Maybe he can appreciate it more now!

Washington D...Speech!

Before Ryan headed to Washington D.C. for the muscular dystrophy event that he was speaking at, he was adamant about not writing a speech. He said he's spoken in front of tons of important people about things he knows nothing about (go figure) and that everything always goes great.

Finally, Ryan's mom convinces him that he should have a little something prepared and he knows it's important to her, so he writes out a few notes.

As he is explaining his notes to the camera, he says, "I wrote out bullet points of certain topics, each topic had a little! ...then, like a fact."

So, we're not sure what exactly that meant or where the "bulletins" fell into place, but the speech actually turned out pretty good...and most importantly, it seemed pretty sincere.

What was your favorite moment from this week's episode?



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