Did Ryan Lochte Diss Prince Harry?

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Ryan Lochte confesses that he ditched Prince Harry to go hang out with his friends when the two met in Las Vegas.

Last summer, while Ryan Lochte was in Las Vegas celebrating his 28th birthday, he ran into Prince Harry who challenged him to a friendly swimming race.

Of course, the Olympic swimmer won the race, but what did the two do afterwards...Did they hang out? Did they just swim and go their separate ways? Was Ryan in the room during the infamous naked billiards game?

While most of us would have been grateful to even meet Prince Harry, Ryan wasn't at all interested in hob-nobbing with the young royal.

Ryan tells In Touch weekly that after the two were done racing he hung out with Harry for a "little bit" and then ditched him to get back to his friends. "I know he's a prince but my friends were there," he says. "That's the reason that I went to Vegas-for my friends. So [Prince Harry and I] went our separate ways."

Probably not the way Prince Harry is used to being treated, but we are well-aware that Ryan Lochte...um..."thinks differently" than most of us do.

While Ryan went back to his friends and had a fairly uneventful rest of his trip, Harry's unfortunately didn't end so quietly and will now forever be remembered by the infamous naked billiards game.

Who would you rather hang out with in Vegas: Ryan Lochte or Prince Harry?



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