'The Voice' Knockouts Part 1 Recap: Adam Levine and Shakira's Contestants Compete

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Find out who got sent home and who came out on top after part one of The Voice "Knockouts." %VIRTUAL-Gallery-184633%

On part one of The Voice "Knockouts," we saw Adam Levine and Shakira's contestants compete against their own teammates to see who would get to stay and who would be going home.

The intensity was turned up a notch because there are no steals in this round, so each competition is sudden death.

In the first knockout, we saw Amber Carrington singing "I'm With You" competing against Midas Whale singing "Higher Ground" for team Adam.

Blake Shelton
really enjoyed Amber's performance and joked that he likes her as much as he can't stand Adam. Shakira agreed with Blake that Adam was terrific and Adam concurred, naming Amber the victor in this knockout and sending Midas Whale home.

The next Knockout was Garrett Gardner singing "Too Close" against Tawnya Reynolds singing "Hell on Heels" for team Shakira.

Both of their performances were so good, Shakira said she wanted to disappear when it was time to make her decision....to which Adam played on her name and asked if she wanted to disappear-a.

While Blake said that he didn't like Tawnya's yodels, Shakira took the blame for that and confessed that she told her to do them. Usher didn't mind them as much, saying that he actually thought they were cool.

In the end, Shakira picked Garrett as the winner, sending Tawnya home.

The next duo to take the stage was Amy Whitcomb singing "House of the Rising Sun" against Caroline Glaser singing "Little Talks" to see who would keep their spot on team Adam.

This knockout was particularly tough for the two girls, who have become best friends during the competition.

Blake said that he respected Amy for taking a chance and hitting some different notes and said that while Caroline played it safer, he would still pick her as the winner.

Usher disagreed with Blake and said that he would pick Amy as the winner.

Adam was a little disappointed and said that they both did better during the rehearsals.

Still, he had to make a choice and he declared Caroline the winner of the knockout, sending Amy home.

The fourth knockout round was Kris Thomas singing "What a Wonderful World" against Mary Miranda singing "Every Breath You Take" for team Shakira.

Kris' performance was pure perfection while Mary unfortunately seemed to struggle a little bit.

Shakira felt that perhaps her lack of experience got the best of her while Usher simply said that her performance was lacking personality.

Shakira confirmed that Kris was the clear winner of this round, knocking Mary Miranda out of the competition.

In the next battle, we saw Judith Hill singing "Always on My Mind" against Orlando Dixon singing "All My Life" for team Adam.

Although Orlando had a decent performance, it was no match for Judith's stellar vocals and delivery and she was declared the winner of the round.

Next up was Karina Iglesias singing "Are You Gonna Go My Way" against Monique Abbadie singing "Power of Love" for team Shakira.

Adam felt that it wasn't the greatest song choice for Karina, but still thought she won the knockout. Blake, on the other hand, thought Karina's performance was a little one-dimensional and thought Monique won it.

Forced to make a decision, Shakira decided to go with Karina because she was so impressed with the confidence that she showed on stage.

The last battle for team Adam was Warren Stone singing "I Just Died in Your Arms" against Sarah Simmons who sang "Wild Horses."

Blake, Usher and Shakira all felt that Sarah won that knockout and Adam agreed, declaring her the winner and sending Warren home.

The final battle of the evening was for team Shakira. Sasha Allen sang "At Last" against Shawna P who sang "Maybe I'm Amazed."

As soon as the performance was over, Adam confessed that he felt dumb for letting Sasha go during the "Battle Rounds."

Blake gushed that it was the best knockout round he's seen so far and Shakira agreed.

When it came time for her to pick between the two, Shakira went with Sasha because she said her performance gave her goose bumps...twice!

On tomorrow's show, we will see the contestants for Blake and Usher's teams and find out which of them will be competing in the live shows with tonight's winners.

Which was your favorite performance from part one of the "Knockouts"?


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