Niall Horan Turned Down Selena Gomez to Avoid Justin Bieber Feud?

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Can you guess which singer tried to hook Sel and Niall up? %VIRTUAL-Gallery-174217%

It sounds like someone was afraid of the wrath of Justin Bieber!

Ahem, Niall Horan!

According to Now magazine, a source told them that the One Direction cutie avoided hooking up with Selena Gomez back in December because he wanted to stay keen with Bieber. There's also talk Sel's BFF Taylor Swift was the one who tried to hook them up!

"He knows dating Selena could've prompted a war with Justin," the source said about Niall.

Uh, yeah! Can you imagine the Belieber hate he'd get on Twitter for that one?!

We told you way back when Jelena first split that Selena reportedly had her eyes on Niall but nothing really came of it. Soon we found out why they didn't date when a source told
that they simply weren't each others type and that Niall didn't want to hurt his chances with Demi Lovato by pursuing Selena.

Honestly, we think it's cool Niall didn't sacrifice his friend with JB for Selena! And now look how things turned, Jelena are basically back together and Niall is doing his own thing.

Do you think Niall and Selena should've dated?


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