'The Voice' Knockouts Part 2 Recap: Blake Shelton and Usher's Contestants Compete

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In the final round of The Voice "Knockouts," contestants from Usher and Blake Shelton's teams competed.

On part two of The Voice "Knockouts," we saw contestants from Usher and Blake Shelton's teams compete against their own team members to see who would be sent home.

In the first round, we saw Savannah Berry singing "As Long as You Love Me" against Justin Rivers singing "The Climb" for team Blake.

Usher said that while he loved Savannah's tone, he thought Justin won the battle. Shakira agreed, saying that she thought Justin deserved it because of the long, extended note he held at the end of his song.

Blake concurred with both of his fellow judges and declared Justin the winner of the knockout, sending Savannah home.

Next to take the stage was Josiah Hawley for team Usher singing "Back to Black." He was competing against fellow teammate, Jess Kellner who sang "You Give Me Something."

Adam Levine spoke for all of us when he said he thought it would have been better if they'd switched songs. Unfortunately, he felt there wasn't a clear winner in that round.

Shakira, however, seemed partial to Josiah because she thinks he looks like her boyfriend.

In the end, Usher declared Josiah the winner and sent Jess home.

The third knockout round brought us Holly Tucker singing "Live Like You Were Dying" against Luke Edgemon who sang "Teenage Dream" for team Blake.

Usher really enjoyed Holly's performance, but wasn't thrilled with Luke's R&B rendition of the Katy Perry song he chose, although Shakira and Adam disagreed and said they both enjoyed it.

Both Shakira and Adam said they thought Luke won, but Blake went with Holly because he said he liked the fact that she took some chances with her vocals and really swung for the knockout.

The next round was Audrey Karrish singing "How to Love" against Michelle Chamuel who sang "Raise Your Glass" for team Usher.

Usher said that he was looking for an epic performance in this round and that's exactly what Michelle Chamuel delivered.

If the look on Usher's face wasn't telling enough, his post-performance comments along with his fellow judges' remarks made it clear that Michelle had knocked it out of the park and won that knockout round.

The next knockout round was Danielle Bradbery singing "Jesus Take the Wheel" against Taylor Beckham singing "Russian Roulette" for team Blake.

It became clear very quickly that Danielle had chosen a better song to demonstrate her ability and Taylor chose something that was a little too low and subdued to really showcase her talent.

For those reasons, Blake chose Danielle as the winner of that round.

The next duo to duke it out on stage was C. Perkins singing "She Ain't You" against Vedo singing "Everything I Do, I Do It for You" for team Usher.

Shakira said that C. Perkins had a little bit too much up and down happening with his voice during the song and Adam thought Vedo did so well, he literally took it from C. Perkins.

After Adam and Blake exchange jabs during a knockout round of their own, the spotlight is back on Usher as he is forced to make a decision.

Ultimately, Usher declares Vedo the winner of the knockout, sending C. Perkins home.

Next up was Grace Askew singing "I Can't Stand the Rain" against The Swon Brothers singing "Drift Away" for team Blake.

Grace played guitar during her song and usher thought that might have been her downfall because it seemed to distract her.

The Swon Brothers, on the other hand, gave a perfect performance and were declared the winners of the knockout.

The final round of the evening was Cathia singing "Mr. Know It All" against Ryan Innes singing "I Don't Want to Be" for team Usher.

All of the judges agreed that it was a close call, or as Shakira said, "It's a toughie one..." but ultimately, Usher felt Cathia delivered a stronger performance and he declared her the winner.

What was your favorite performance from part two of the "Knockouts"?



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