'American Idol' Final Four: Who Broke Down From the Pressure?

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Who is scared of being "irrelevant"? American Idol final four.

It's a real competition now!

With no more saves, the final four ladies on American Idol had to really bring it this week. And they definitely felt the heat.

The girl' are a close group, but they know there can only be one winner. "We're all physically drained and we need to keep up the energy," said Angie Miller. "We really love each other, but we all do want to make it."

Kree Harrison has been on a roller coaster. "The emotions are so high because we're so close to the end," she said. "This whole experience has been emotional because it's been such a fast process." But she knows how to keep her focus: "At the end of the day I just need to follow my heart."

Candice Glover can't help looking into the future. "I think all of us are just scared of being irrelevant," she said. "Even if we get voted off, people are expecting us now to do a good job in the industry. We're under so much pressure."

But feeling the most pressure was Amber Holcomb. "I cried like a baby!" Amber said about her breakdown on stage during her feedback.

"I think it was just the pressure," she told us. "It all hit me because I'm constantly in the bottom two." She feels that she does well every time, but "This week it just hit me--the bad critique and everything."

Who do you guys think will make the top 3?


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