Beyonce Demands Red Toilet Paper While on Tour?!

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Beyonce on tourAP

Is Beyonce really a demanding diva while on tour?

According to the Daily Star, Beyonce's recent Mrs.Carter tour backstage demands have been leaked and are pretty divalicious!

While there are quite a few shockers on the list, the best Beyonce demand is the one that there MUST be red toilet paper backstage. Uh, what?!

The singer also reportedly insists all of her workers wear 100% cotton clothes to avoid any allergic reactions. She also wants hand-carved ice balls to suck on.

And as for the food, well don't think B likes to snack on unhealthy eats. On her list, it says there can't be any junk food backstage...only almonds and veggies.

"Working so hard and with the toll the travel takes on her body in addition to the intense shows, she feels that her requests aren't too much to ask for as she wants to ensure everything goes to plan," the source told the Daily Star.

So, do you think Beyonce really demands all of this stuff? If so, do you think it's absurd or understandable?



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