Jay-Z Disses Taylor Swift in New 'Great Gatsby' Song

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Did Jay-Z just pull a Kanye West?


Did Jay-Z just pull a Kanye West?


In Jay's new song for the upcoming flick, The Great Gatsby, he totally disses Taylor Swift...we think!

The song is called "100$ Bill" and in it Beyonce's husband says, "Took that, Taylor Swift to a hundred f**king million, b***h."

While we don't really know what he means by that, we're assuming from other context clues in the song he's talking about how Kanye West got famous because he dissed Taylor. The song is kind of about celebrities who get away with things because they're rich.

Coincidently, Jay's wife was the one who stuck up for Tay the night Kanye stole the mic from her!

Do you think Jay'-Z's line in his new song was meant to diss Taylor?

Do you think Kanye got more famous off the Taylor incident? If anything we think her popularity grew from it!

Check out all of the lyrics to the new song below!

"100$ Bill" Lyrics

One hundred dollar bills

[Verse 1]
Benjamin Franklins filled, folded just for the thrill
Go numb until I can't feel, or might pop this pill
Stock markets just crash, now I'm just a bill
History don't repeat itself it rhymes, 1929 still
Write like Mark Twain, Jay Gatsby, I park things
Yellow cars, yellow gold like Slick Rick
Still tip on four-four's (Who?)
Four-four's at the 4-0, (Wait), for O
Dollars fall on the skin, some might call it sin
Politicians all move for money, what the hell are we callin' them?
Low life, I'm crawlin' out, 911 I Porsched it out
Y'all n***as so hypocrites, y'all know what this s**t is all about
100 dolla, 100 dolla bill real, uh

(Movie Audio)

[Verse 2]
New heroines, new Marilyns
Move coke through Maryland
Through Easton, oh you beastin'
Move fat packs, Jack Gleason
The honeymoon's over with the streets, yeah
Least see my kids on the weekend
Carter, new Kennedy
No ordinary Joe, you'll remember me
No prohibition for my coalition
Colin Powell, general admission
You're all welcome, new Malcolm of the talcum
By any means, AK lookin' out the window screen
Let's get it on, new Marvin
Who wanna become my 100th problem?
Semi-automatic or revolver, semi-automatic I'll solve em
Einstein, my mind, this MC move white squares with my relatives
That cheese made us constipated couldn't tell us s**t
Took that, Taylor Swift to a hundred f**king million, b***h
I wish I could continue, but

(Movie audio)

I need a 100 bricks on them 100 blocks
I got a 100 drops, took 100 cops, uh
100 blocks, I need a 100 bricks on them 100 blocks, uh
Decade of decadence, ill reveverence, ill reverence
Decade of decadence, ill reveverence, ill reverence
Uh, young, uh
I need a 100 bricks on them 100 blocks
I got a 100, I got a 100 drops
Need a 100, got a 100
Got a 100, 100, uh
100 dollar bill, real



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