'The Voice' Judges' Funniest Jokes and Jabs...So Far!

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See which funny moments from the "Blind Auditions," the "Battle Rounds" and the "Knockouts" made the list! %VIRTUAL-Gallery-184633%

Now that new judges Shakira and Usher have become better acquainted with veteran judges Adam Levine and Blake Shelton, we've seen each of them some pretty hilarious jabs at each other.

Between the "Blind Auditions," the "Battle Rounds" and the "Knockouts" each judge managed to have at least one moment that literally made us laugh out loud.

Sometimes, it was the judges taking jabs at each other...and other times, it was just smart remarks flying back and forth.

As we get ready for the live shows next week, we thought it was worth looking back at each of the judges' best moment so far...


Shakira might have come in to the competition thinking that she had an edge with the Latin singers because she speaks Spanish, but Adam was determined to prove her wrong and came prepared... sort of!

After Latin contestant Karina Iglesias performs, Adam and Blake find themselves in an intense battle to see who will get her on their team.

When Shakira finds out that Karina speaks Spanish, she starts a conversation with her...right in the middle of Adam and Blake's tug-of-war with the contestant!

Adam really wants Karina on his team and he's in no mood to have Shakira's small talk interrupt his efforts...so he decides he's going to level with Shakira, and speak to her in her native tongue...albeit, it was only to tell her to "shut up." But hey, it worked!


In one of our favorite moments of the season so far, Shakira took drastic measures when trying to convince country contestant Tawnya Reynolds that she should join her team.

Acknowledging that she is most popular for being a Latin artist, Shakira makes her case for why she is perfectly capable of coaching a country contestant.

First, she says that she plays harmonica, but when she realizes that isn't enough, Shakira pulls out an "English to Country" dictionary, which even gets a laugh out of Blake, the resident country crooner.

Later, in the "Battle Rounds," the tables were turned when Blake had a laugh at his own expense for the fact that he doesn't understand Shakira half the time!

After Cathia and Mary Miranda sang one of Shakira's Spanish songs during their battle, Blake joked that it sounded romantic, so it MUST have been about him.

When Shakira joked back that she wrote it about him because he breaks her heart when he never understands anything she says, Blake replied, "I don't know what she just said there, either!"


Usher has actually played it cool and has kept the inter-judge jabs under wraps so far...but he did do one thing that made him the butt of the other judges' jokes!

After Danielle Bradbery's country performance during the blind auditions, she seemed to be leaning toward picking Blake as her coach.

When Blake promised he'd take her to Nashville, it seemed like a slam dunk...but Usher wasn't going to give up that easily.

Desperate to convince Danielle that she should pick him, Usher pleaded, "Nashville is just a state...I'll give you the world!"

As you can imagine, all of the other judges (and the audience) had a good laugh at Usher's expense for that one!

During the "Battle Rounds," friends Jacqui Sandell and Savannah Berry had to compete against each other...and it was clear that they didn't love the fact that one would be taking the other out.

After their battle, Blake told the girls, "I respect that you two have a respect for each other," and then Adam Levine chimes in with, "I respect that..."
Not wanting to be left out, Shakira then gets in on the action, joking, "I respect that you respect his respect for their respect..." to which Adam quips back, "thank you, I respect that, too."

While the whole thing was a little hard to follow, it was clear that all of the judges have respect for each other...even while they're making jokes at one another's expense!
What has been your favorite judges' moment so far this seasaon?


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