Demi Lovato: Disses Taylor Swift? Demi Talks Niall Horan Dating Rumors and Losing Friends

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Did Demi Lovato diss Taylor Swift, Harry Styles and Selena Gomez? Read her new interview! %VIRTUAL-Gallery-175114%

Demi Lovato may appear to be dissing Taylor Swift (and possibly Selena Gomez) in a new interview, but she's simply making a comment about the interest in her personal life (and whether she dated Niall Horan).

When asked about the rumors that Demi and Niall were dating, she shot them down, telling Company magazine, "I don't care about Taylor Swift's love life. I don't care about Harry Styles' love life. I care about mine. I find it weird that people are so obsessed with other people's love lives!"

True enough, she's been asked about her dating life on many occasions and tries to keep that part of her life personal.

Demi also talked about not having the same circle of friends she used to, and many are wondering if it's part of the reason that she and Selena aren't BFFs anymore.

She explained that, after rehab, some of the people she considered friends bailed on her, saying, "A couple of months before I went to rehab, I had a birthday party and there were a couple of hundred people there. It was full of people who I considered my closest friends."

Demi added, "When I turned my phone on after being in rehab for three months, I expected lots of text messages and phone calls. I had four texts. That was a wake-up call. I have severe trust issues but I try not to be jaded."

She had to re-evaluate her friendships and it's definitely made a huge impact, as she's commented in the past that she wants to surround herself with good people.

Demi explained, "I don't have loads of friends. I used to, but then I realized, do any of them actually care? Now I have people who, if I break my leg in the middle of the night, they'll come to the hospital with me. Or they'll answer the phone at 4am if I need them."

She added, "Most of my friends are not in the industry. I don't like that lifestyle, the paparazzi, going to Hollywood places. I stick to my neighborhood and to my closest friendships."

UPDATE: Demi responded to buzz that she was dissing Taylor, tweeting: "that wasn't shade, I love her... I just find it insane how people care so much about others personal business. :)"



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