Drake Bell Disses Justin Bieber Again!

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He went a little too far this time, don't you think?!

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Really Drake Bell?!

The former Nickelodeon star went to Twitter again to take jabs at Justin Bieber and his fans!

This time he tweeted a picture of Vanilla Ice and Justin side-by-side with the caption, "This is what you all have to look forward to..." He also tweeted a picture Justin took of himself awhile back with a Chanel hat/mask on and the words, "So cool..."

Of course, all of that didn't sit well with Beliebers!

Drake's used to getting yelled at by JB fans though, he's made rude comments about Justin numerous times before on Twitter! He's even picked on his fans by saying that Bieber fans were insane!

We're starting to think Drake's dissing the Biebs just to get attention! We're guessing his spot on the celebrity diving show, Splash, just isn't entertaining enough for him these days!

Do you think there's a serious beef between Justin and Drake or is Drake hating on JB because he wants attention (and is probably jealous too!)? Let us know!

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