Naya Rivera and Amber Riley: 'Glee' Stars Were Adorbs as Kids!

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Naya Rivera shares an old Cabbage Patch Dolls commercial in which she starred.

Naya Rivera - Cabbage Kids commercial from NayNayRivera on Vimeo.

Okay, okay, we all know how pretty Naya Rivera is as an adult starring on Glee, but we had no idea how cute she was as a child until we found this adorable video clip of her in a commercial from 1995, which she posted on Vimeo and tweeted about.

In her tweet, she said, "My first #tbt goes to my cabbage patch kid stylin hair kid!"

Wonder if she still has her Cabbage Patch Stylin Hair Kid?

In the clip, a little Naya can be seen playing with the "stylin hair kid" Cabbage Patch Kids Doll. The then 8-year-old is curling and crimping her doll's hair along with two other little girls. There is a really cute theme song that accompanies all three pals as they are playing with their Cabbage Patch Kids Doll--"First you spray here, then you make a curl like this and the you make a crimp right here."

Naya is not the only Glee star who was a really cute kid. Check out what Amber Riley just tweeted. FOR MORE #TBT (PLUS PHOTO REVEALS & CANDIDS), CLICK HERE TO FOLLOW CAMBIO ON FACEBOOK!



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