Glee-cap Season 4, Episode 21: Are Rachel and Cassandra July BFFs?

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Kate Hudson returns to 'Glee' as Cassie July to torture Rachel before her "Funny Girl" call back.

This week's "Wonder-full" Glee season 4, episode 21 was all about Stevie Wonder and "wonderful" surprises. Speaking of wonderful surprises, "Wemma's" wedding is back on and some of the original Glee cast came back to McKinley High to prep New Directions for Regionals. Mike (Harry Shum jr) and Mercedes (Amber Riley) came back to their old stomping ground, the chorus room, and promise to stick around until Regionals as they work with this year's crop of Regional hopefuls. Cue the Stevie Wonder hits:

On a serious note, Kurt (Chris Colfer) who joined Mike and Mercedes, came home to finally find out whether his dad had beat cancer. After a lot of baby socks and no wearing black, Kurt got a "wonderful" surprise that his dad is CANCER FREE!

Meanwhile in New York, our "Funny Girl" Rachel (Lea Michele) is stressing out over a second call back for her dream roll of Fanny Brice. Joy, Joy. One STEP closer to the DREAM! But wait! There is always evil Cassandra (Kate Hudson) July (love you, devilish Kate) standing in her way. As soon as Ms. July, who is as hot as the month, learns of Rachel's call back she begins to make her life at NYADA a living hell. Cue the sad music and torture. Cassandra gets under Rachel's skin by moving up her dance midterm. Arriving to take her hellacious midterm, Rachel is stunned to learn that Cassandra is actually on her team and they even hug it out! Weird! But true.

Back McKinley High, Artie (Kevin Michael Mchale) surprisingly finds out he got into the Brooklyn Film Academy, but he acts like this isn't fantastic. Kitty (Becca Tobin) senses something is wrong and discovers his good news only to learn he can't go to New York because it would hurt his mother (Katey Sagal) too much. Soooo not true. Kitty spills the beans to mama, who then helps him face his fear of moving to a the Big Apple. Someone is going to Brooklyn next year, baby!

Speaking of someone who didn't get New York but LA instead, Mercedes is back to help mentor New Directions. Thank you Will (Matthew Morrison) for bringing back our diva. Mercedes is working on her music video at McKinley High, but wait a minute what's this... she is dumped by her record label for refusing to show more skin on the cover of her debut album. But don't start crying for Mercedes yet, she says she's going to sell her album on her own. You go, girl!

Okay, Okay! You've asked, and we're here to deliver the big surprise of the night on Glee--drum roll please. Blaine (Darren Criss) asked Kurt's dad (for permission?) about Kurt and Blaine getting married. We know--we know. Just breathe. But shockingly, Kurt's dad said "No" to the idea. What!? Okay, he technically said--not at this time. He went on to explain, like an adult, to Blaine that marriage is a serious commitment and that the two are just too young. Man, what a sad way to end the night, but in the previews for next week, we here at Cambio did see wedding cake--so there is still hope for you Klaine fans, albeit a small one thanks in part to "Wemma's" wedding plans.



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