'The Vampire Diaries' Season 4, Episode 21 Recap: "She's Come Undone"

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Welcome back to the land of the (un)living, Elena! The Vampire Diaries' good girl turned very, very bad finally pressed her humanity on-button again. Welcome back to the land of the (un)living, Elena! The Vampire Diaries' good girl turned very, very bad finally pressed her humanity on-button again.

The side effect, of course, is all those emotions flooding back and threatening to destroy her: Grief over her brother's death and guilt over killing a bunch of people. Worst of all, she stole her best friend's prom dress! (And tried to kill her too, but that can't even compare to that fashion crime.)

But Stefan-who orchestrated the comeback with his bro-helped his ex-GF deal: "Find that one thing inside of you that makes you strong," he tells her, "that makes you want to live."

Done! Except, to the Salvatores' dismay, that "one thing" turns out to be Katherine-specifically, killing the monster who murdered her brother, turned Caroline into a vampire, brought Klaus to Mystic Falls and totally style-shames her. (Elena didn't specifically mention that last bit, but you know it's gotta hurt to see the way her twin rocks leather and stilettoes.)

So how does Elena get back in touch with her feels? Not by playing Zero Dark Thirty in the Salvatores' basement, that's for sure. Even Katherine's attempts at "enhanced interrogation" fail, so the bros recruit golden boy Matt as their sacrificial lamb.

After Katherine lets Elena escape, Matt "finds" her in the woods. She's starving, and he's delicious, but she doesn't completely drain him. Why? Because they'd been besties since they were babies, and losing him-one of the last mortals remaining in Mystic Falls-would break her cold dead heart.

That's exactly what happens, because Damon snaps his neck, after warning her, "Turn your emotions on right now or so help me God I will give you something to be sad about."

Harsh much, D? Well, it does the trick! And it is a trick, because Matt was wearing the resurrection ring and only suffers a really (really really) stiff neck. That's nothing compared to the world of hurt facing Elena, who must now deal with all those terrible, no good, very bad things she did. (Seriously, she stole Caroline's prom dress!)

Matt's not the only blond mortal who to die this night-Silas kills Caroline's mom while trying to find Bonnie. Fortunately, her daughter's vampire blood finally revives her, but this proves he means business.

But so does Bonnie, who strikes a deal with Katherine for the tombstone. Her plan? Drop the veil, have a chat with Qetsiyah, and get the deets on her immortality spell. (This all could've been avoided if the ancient witch had just written it down. The Book of Shadows was so helpful for the Halliwell sisters on Charmed.)

So will Bonnie be able to close the veil before all the evil supes cross over? Can she reclaim the Cure from Silas? Can Matt really turn Rebeka into a good girl? And most important: With all the classes Elena's missed on account of being tortured and killing people, can she even graduate high school? We'll find out soon: Only two episodes remain in Season 4!


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