Niall Horan: Did Niall Throw Up on a Fan? 1D Puke Rumors Fly

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Niall Horan puked on a fan? Um...find out what Niall tweeted!
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Did you hear that Niall Horan threw up on a fan over the weekend?

Some of the One Direction rumors that Niall and the boys have to contend with are pretty out there, but this one may take the cake.

Of course, why would the barfy buzz end there? There was also the vom-inducing tidbit that the fan ate it.

We can't make this stuff up...but somebody else did, apparently.

Niall was quick to clear things up on Twitter, as he tweeted, "Pukin on fans hahahaha! Where did that come from!"

Now, we have seen Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga vomit on stage during concerts, so it can happen.

But Niall did not toss his cookies, nor did he puke on a fan.

Do you think this is the craziest One Direction rumor yet?

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