'Married to Jonas' Recap: Dani and Kevin Fight, Kev Tweets "I'm a Jerk"

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Oh no! What did Kevin and Danielle fight about on 'Married to Jonas' last night? Check out the recap! %VIRTUAL-Gallery-187436%

While a lot happened on Married to Jonas season 2 episode 3, we can't help but focus our recap on Kevin and Danielle Jonas' fight.

To back up, Dani was pretty excited by a job opportunity at Cosmo, but taking the gig would mean missing out on hanging with the Jonas Brothers on tour.

What's a girl to do? And what did Kevin think about it?

Kev's reaction was 100 percent selfish, as he wasn't all that thrilled that she could possibly be ditching him while on tour.

We were happy to follow along with Kevin's live tweets during the episode, where he explained that watching it now, he realizes he was kind of a jerk to Dani.

He had some sweet things to say during the episode, tweeting: "so proud of @daniellejonas" and "you killed that meeting @daniellejonas"

When Dani sat down with him during the episode to talk things out and Kevin gave her grief about missing the tour, he tweeted: "I'm a jerk...sorry babe," adding, "sometime [sic] you make mistakes and you relies [sic] you are being selfish in the relationship. i guess you are just going to have to tune in next week"

Ugh, we have to wait?!


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