'What Would Ryan Lochte Do?' Episode 3 Recap: Is Ryan Lochte in Love?

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On this episode of What Would Ryan Lochte Do?, we finally meet the girl Ryan has been dating on and off for the last four years. On this week's episode of What Would Ryan Lochte Do?, we finally met the girl that the whole Lochte family can't stop talking about. Her name is Jaimee and she's beautiful (of course!), she's smart and she keeps Ryan in check.

She is also the first person we've seen who makes Ryan Lochte nervous, as we saw when he went to the Orlando Grand Prix and didn't perform up to his usual standards.

Even though Ryan didn't do very well in the meet, he didn't let it get him down because he wanted to make sure Jaimee had a great time.

In fact, in between races, Ryan took her to swim with the dolphins and after one of the dolphins scared him as he was getting into the pool, he still managed to bond pretty well with them...while Jaimee looked on!

After Ryan shared a smooch with one of the dolphins, he told Jaimee she had some competition for the "Lochte Lovin'."

As Ryan is preparing for his next race, the inevitable happens and his family gives him the third degree, trying to make sure he's treating Jaimee right. His sister is horrified when she asks him where he took her to dinner and he says sushi, because that's Ryan's go-to dinner for every other girl. She tries to explain to him that Jaimee is not "every other girl" and that he needs to do something special for her, so she convinces him to cook dinner for her when they get home.

When they arrive back at Casa Lochte, Ryan tells Jaimee that he wants to celebrate her last night in town (she lives in London) by making something special for her. So, what was that something special? Pizza! Although we have to give him credit, he did class it up a little bit by at least making it a candlelit pizza dinner.

The next morning, Jaimee leaves to go back to London and she admits that they both know things can't be like this forever and they'll either need to part ways or really give it a serious try.

We like Jaimee, so we're hoping for the latter!

What do you think will happen with Ryan and Jaimee's relationship?




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