Demi Lovato: "I'm Not Perfect," Plus Advice for Fans

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Demi Lovato says she isn't perfect, plus advice for her Lovatics! %VIRTUAL-Gallery-175114%

After listening to Demi Lovato's album Demi yesterday, we'd say she's pretty much perfect...but in a new interview, Demi admits she's flawed. And we all are.

Demi, as always, is candid about her past struggles, but encouraging to others who may be in the same boat, stressing that getting help is the most important thing.

She told Evolve, "Looking back to when I was spiraling out of control with drugs and alcohol and an eating disorder and various other things, I want to kick myself because all I had to do was admit I had a problem and the opportunity for help was in front of my face."

Demi added, "So my advice to those who are struggling with the same things I still struggle with is to speak up. Asking for help does not make you weak. Help is out there and recovery is possible. Please don't give up your fight."

She also shared why she's so open with what she's been through--even though it was difficult "because my life basically unfolded in front of the world," she said, adding, "I didn't want to sweep it under the rug and not tell my fans, the very people who were sending me letters and getting me through those three months in treatment, what was really going on with their so-called 'idol.'"

Demi added, "I wasn't going to be that person who hid their imperfections, but fessing up in front of the world about my self harm issues, being a bulimic, having depression and bipolar disorder, and the drug and alcohol problems I was facing behind their backs was extremely difficult at first."

As for meeting the expectation for perfection, Demi is more about being real, saying, "Yes, I'm not perfect and I'm not claiming to be, but that's the thing with being a person: no one is perfect."

Demi added, "No photoshopped magazine cover or edited vocal track will ever make anyone think I'm 'perfect' and that's the way I want it to be. I just want to be me, and introducing the world to that side of me helped me finally get that acceptance I've always wanted."

We love you Demi!

Listen to Demi's new album now!


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