Did 'Teen Mom 2' Star Kailyn Lowry Smoke Weed While She Was Pregnant?

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Kailyn Lowry's ex-boyfriend and baby daddy, Jo Rivera, says that Kailyn smoked pot while she was pregnant. On the Teen Mom 2 Reunion Special, Kailyn Lowry said that she didn't like Jo Rivera's girlfriend Vee because she had seen pictures of her smoking pot online.

When Dr. Drew asked Kailyn if she'd ever smoked pot, she fumbled over her words a little bit. "I have, but I stopped smoking weed when Isaac...." and then she seemed to catch herself and rephrased it, saying, "...when I learned that I was pregnant."

Unfortunately, it sounds like there might have been something more to that little slip.

Kailyn's ex-boyfriend and baby daddy, who was dating her while she was pregnant, recently contradicted Kailyn's claims.

In a response to a tweet where Kailyn said her mind was blown (judging by Jo's reaction,the tweet was about Vee), Jo responded, "@KailLowry your mind is blown? You were the biggest pothead I ever knew. Even smoked during pregnancy. Dont act like she's the devil. FOH!"

He seemed to change his mind in a later tweet, where he wrote, "In @KailLowry 's defense she did not smoke throughout her ENTIRE pregnancy..."

When a fan questioned the contradiction, he cleared it up saying he still stands by his statement that she smoked while she was pregnant, there were just some times during the pregnancy that she didn't.

Pretty scary, given that Kailyn is currently pregnant with her second child.



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