Is Lindsay Lohan Getting Drugs in Rehab?

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Find out what highly-addictive drug Lindsay Lohan is being allowed to continue using during her rehab stint. Is Lindsay Lohan still taking drugs WHILE she's in rehab?

Well, that depends on how you define "drugs."

LiLo is currently at The Betty Ford Center and TMZ reports that she IS being administered Adderall, a highly addictive prescription drug that many people abuse to help suppress appetite.

While the drug is supposed to treat ADHD and Lindsay has obtained a prescription for it, her need for the drug has been called into question in the past.

Currently, the doctors at Betty Ford are evaluating whether or not Lindsay actually needs it for the true medical purpose for which it is prescribed.

If they determine that she doesn't, she will not be allowed to continue her use of the drug while at the facility, which could cause a major problem because when LiLo agreed to attend rehab, the continued use of Adderall was her major sticking point.

Do you think Lindsay will leave rehab if they take away her Adderall?



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