'Teen Mom 2' Reunion Special: Jenelle Evans Reveals Heroin Overdose and Kailyn Lowry Storms Offstage

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Part one of the Teen Mom 2 reunion special catches us up with what Jenelle Evans and Kailyn Lowry have been up to since the show wrapped.
On part one of the Teen Mom 2 Reunion Special, we got to see what Jenelle Evans and Kailyn Lowry have been up to since the show stopped filming (Chelsea Houska and Leah Calvert are next week).


As we're well-aware, Jenelle has had a tough road. Even watching the recap of her story this season made her break down and cry.

She says it was really hard reliving all of the drama between her and ex-fiance, Gary Head, and reveals that his physical abuse toward her got him kicked out of the Marines.

Jenelle also opens up about her drug use and says that ex-boyfriend, Kieffer Delp, introduced her to heroin and shot her up every single time. She claims that she never injected the drug herself.

She confesses that the drug has put her in the hospital a number of times, including one time where she had to call her mom to come save her because she felt like her organs were shutting down.

Jenelle's mom, Barbara Evans, says that the two of them have been getting along much better since that incident.

Barbara also talks about the time where she and her boyfriend were accused of breaking in to Jenelle and Kieffer's house and says that she went over to check on Jenelle because random people had been calling her and telling her she should, and when she arrived, Jenelle wouldn't get out of bed. That's when she and her boyfriend found the needles and bags of heroin.

When Dr. Drew asked if Jenelle would be getting custody of her son back anytime soon, Barbara said that won't happen for a LONG time.


Like Jenelle, Kailyn also had a hard time reliving the things she went through this season. She said that the most difficult thing to watch was when she put her hands on Javi, which she says she's embarrassed about.

Before we are caught up on Kailyn and Javi's relationship, Dr. Drew wanted to get to the bottom of Kailyn's deep-seeded hatred of Jo Rivera's girlfriend, Vee.

Kailyn says that she hates her so much because she saw pictures of her smoking weed through a gas mask online, but when Dr. Drew asks if Kailyn has ever smoked weed, she says "yes," so he isn't quite sure why she has the double standard.

Despite the fact that Kailyn says she wants to rip Vee's head off, she is brought out on stage so the two can meet face-to-face for the first time in a safe environment.

Unfortunately, things don't go all that well. As Dr. Drew is forcing Kailyn to confront her double standard for Vee and asking how she would feel if people judged her based on ONE incident in her life (like her hitting Javi), Kailyn gets mad and storms off stage, saying "f*ck this, you guys all f*cking suck."

Eventually, after Vee is long gone, Kailyn is brought back on stage with her husband, Javi.

Javi confesses that marriage isn't easy and part of his role in the relationship is trying to keep Kailyn sane, which he admits he admits is a difficult task.

When Dr. Drew is talking about what the future has in store for the couple, Kailyn winks and says that we'll have to wait and see on season five.

Rumors have been widely circulated that season five was called off due to Jenelle's ongoing problems and the negative light it was shedding on the show, so we guess we'll just have to wait and see...

Do you think Kailyn is being unfair with her judgment of Jo's girlfriend?



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