'The Voice' Playoffs Part 1 Recap: Who Had Their "Breakout Moment"?

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Contestants from Adam Levine and Usher's teams performed for part one of The Voice live shows. %VIRTUAL-Gallery-185387%

On part one of The Voice live shows, we saw the contestants from Adam Levine and Usher's teams perform.

First up was Amber Carrington performing "Stay" for team Adam.

Blake Shelton said that Amber definitely set the bar high for all of the other contestants that had to perform after her. Usher and Shakira thought it was a great performance and Adam said he thinks she's the biggest surprise of the competition.

The second performer of the night was Josiah Hawley performing "Starlight" for team Usher.

Shakira really liked Josiah's upbeat performance and said it felt very honest. Adam confessed that he's super impressed by Usher's coaching and he thought it was a great performance.

Usher really appreciated Adam's comments and said that Josiah definitely made him proud.

The next performer of the night was Sarah Simmons singing "Angel" for team Adam.

Shakira loved the emotionally-charged performance, saying that it was incredible and that she definitely owned the song. Usher acknowledged that it was a complicated song, but felt she did a good job and her coach Adam said she's one of the most incredible singers he's ever heard in his life.

The next performance was Cathia singing Whitney Houston's "I Have Nothing" for team Usher. This one was probably the biggest disappointment of the night.

Shakira said that picking a Whitney song might have been setting the bar a little too high and that she wouldn't have picked that song for her if she was still her coach (Adam stole her from Shakira during the "Battle Rounds"). Usher agreed with Shakira and said it wasn't an incredible performance but he did appreciate her confidence.

Next, we had a little treat as Adam and Usher took the stage to perform a song together...and they actually made a great duo!

The next contestant to take the stage was Caroline Glaser for team Adam, singing "The A Team."

Blake loved the performance (almost as much as he loved his latte) and Usher and Adam agreed, both saying they really enjoyed it, too.

Vedo was next on stage, singing "Against All Odds" for team Usher.

Shakira didn't really seem to like it and simply said that the audience seemed to enjoy it, but Vedo's coach Usher said that he was "100% pleased" with the performance.

Next, we saw Michelle Chamuel sing "True Colors" for team Usher.

This song was definitely different than what we're used to seeing from Michelle, but Usher said he picked the song because he wanted her to feel comfortable in her own skin.

The plan definitely worked and Michelle's ballad absolutely blew the judges away.

Shakira said she loved how authentic it felt, Adam called it her "breakout moment" and Usher agreed. Blake actually turned to his team and said, "THAT'S the thing to do!"

The last performer of the night was Judith Hill, singing "Feeling Good" for team Adam.

Judith definitely worked the stage and the audience and Blake took notice, telling her, "You're such a freakin' diva!" Usher said he wished he would have fought harder to have her on his team and Adam was thrilled with the performance, saying that you can't teach that kind of audience engagement.

We also got to see each team perform as a group, which was cool.

Usher's team trained for their performance by hitting the gym, while Adam's all-female team went shopping to prepare for theirs.

In the end, whatever both of the teams did to prepare definitely worked because they both delivered awesome performances.

What was your favorite performance from part one of the live shows?


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