Does Ed Sheeran Have an Unheard Duet With Taylor Swift On His Phone Right Now?

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Ed Sheeran is probably the coolest guy ever! He just admitted that he has something on his phone that none of us will probably ever have!
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Ed Sheeran not only knows exclusive One Direction music news these days but he also has an exclusive Taylor Swift song just chilling on his phone too!

In a recent interview with MTV News, Ed admitted that he and Taylor have worked on three duets all together and that one of the unknowns is recorded and is currently residing on his phone!

"We did do a lot of stuff, but I don't know whose record it will end up on," Sheeran said.

"We did three songs, and recorded two, and one went on her album, which is the next single. But we'll see what happens with the other one, there's no specific plan so far, it's just chilling on my iTunes right now. It's on my phone," he continued.

Taylor is releasing their song "Everything Has Changed" as her next single and we're totally psyched to know there's two more songs out there like it!

Whose album do you think the new songs should be on? Are you excited for more Ed and Taylor collaborations?

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