Does Kylie Jenner Have a Crush on Robert Pattinson?

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When asked who her celebrity crush is, Kylie Jenner said Robert Pattinson, but there's more to her answer... Is Robert Pattinson the new object of Kylie Jenner's affection?

Sort of...but Kristen Stewart has absolutely nothing to worry about.

Here's why: Life and Style magazine asked Kylie who her celebrity crush is, she answered, "Robert Pattinson," but then clarified and said "I probably love his Twilight character, Edward Cullen, and not really Rob, though."

And we can't say we blame her, Edward Cullen IS the world's most perfect guy...except for that whole vampire thing and the fact that he doesn't actually exist!

But, in Kylie's any of our "dream guys" exist in real life, anyway?

In case the fictional aspect isn't enough to make K.Stew feel secure, Kylie confessed that the only thing she's lusting after lately is a baby Céline purse (and maybe Jaden Smith!)

Which fictional character would you want to hang out with in real life?



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