One Direction Christmas TV Special Planned? 1D Reportedly in Negotiations

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Is One Direction planning a Christmas special this year to air on TV following the X Factor finals? 1D are currently in negotiations for the special which would line up nicely with their new album release.
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If you're dreaming of a One Direction Christmas, your wish may just come true.

With 1D's upcoming album anticipated for Christmas 2013, it only makes sense that a One Direction Christmas TV special would be in the works.

Niall, Harry, Liam, Zayn and Louis are reportedly in negotiations to do "An Audience with One Direction" show on ITV.

An ITV insider tells the Daily Star: "The plan is to do a big ITV special to promote the album in December. The boys would perform, do sketches and answer questions from famous pals in the audience."

It would also line up nicely with the X Factor final, as the source explains, "One suggestion being touted is for it to air on prime-time Saturday night directly after The X Factor final, which they could very well perform on."

It all ties in too nicely--we can't imagine they'd pass up the Christmas special opportunity.

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