Taylor Swift: Tim McGraw Says She Can Date Whoever She Wants!

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Do you think Taylor Swift can date whoever she wants? Her buddy Tim McGraw recently said that! Find out why he thinks she can do whatever her heart desires here! %VIRTUAL-Gallery-177183%

One reason Taylor Swift can date anyone and do anything she wants? Because she's loaded! Well, that's if you ask country singer Tim McGraw!

During a segment on his upcoming show, ACM Presents: Tim McGraw's Superstar Summer Night (airing May 19 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on CBS), McGraw talked up Taylor's awesomeness and wasn't even trying to give her dating advice. One thing is for sure, he thinks she should be able to do whatever she wants!

"She's young and beautiful and she's loaded...she can do whatever she wants!" he said.

The two singers recently released a song with American Idol judge Keith Urban called "Highway Don't Care" and after working with her, Tim noticed her magnificent song-writing skills.

"Taylor is one of those real artists that comes along every once in awhile that creates such a wave that everybody falls into it," McGraw said.

"She's got a great sense of style, she's a beautiful girl and she's a great singer. But I think as much as anything, she is a really fantastic songwriter."

He also admitted that he likes how Taylor handles the media and the stress of everyone constantly watching her.

"I was young when I started, but not nearly as young as her...It's gotta be tough. But she's just got such poise and a confidence about her. I think she's really handled herself well."

We have to say we agree with Mr. McGraw!

Check out Tim and Taylor's new music video for "Highway Don't Care" here!



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