'The Voice' Playoffs Part 2 Recap: Danielle Bradbery Steals the Show

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On part two of The Voice Playoffs, contestants from Blake Shelton and Shakira's teams performed.

On part two of The Voice Playoffs, we saw contestants from Blake Shelton and Shakira's teams perform.

First up was Garrett Gardner singing "Imagine" for team Shakira.

Shakira said she picked the song, where he would be singing and playing piano, so that he could show more of his artistry...and that's exactly what he did.

Adam Levine confessed that he holds anyone singing that song to a high standard because it's one of his favorites, but Garrett didn't disappoint him. Usher and Shakira both gushed that they were so proud of Garrett for his perseverance in coming back after he didn't make it last season.

The second contestant to perform was Holly Tucker, who did an incredible cover of "How Do I Live" for team Blake.

To say Blake was thrilled with the performance would be a gross understatement. He was ecstatic...and when he finally calmed down, he proclaimed that Holly was now the girl to beat!

Because Holly had been struggling with not fitting the perfect pop star mold, Shakira and Adam made sure to let her know that she is just as beautiful as her performance was.

The third contestant to take the stage was Kris Thomas, who sang "When I Was Your Man" for team Shakira.

The performance was a little shaky because Kris seemed (understandably) nervous and Adam picked up on that right away, saying he could feel Kris' nerves. Blake, however, liked that Kris was nervous because he said it shows that he cares and that his heart is in it. As for Shakira, she said the performance gave her goose bumps and she's so thrilled to be working with such a great guy.

Next up, we saw The Swon Brothers, who sang "Fishin' in the Dark" for team Blake.

Blake confessed before they went on stage that he worries about them because while they're very laid back, which makes them get a little sloppy sometimes.

Fortunately, this was not one of those times and the guys delivered a super fun performance that had had everyone fully engaged.

Blake gave his contestants a standing ovation at the end of the song. Usher, who was not familiar with the song, confessed that he still appreciated it because he does his own version of "fishing in the dark." Shakira said that every time she hears these two are coming on stage, she can relax a little bit because they're so fun and easy to listen to.

After The Swon Brothers, Karina Iglesias took the stage, singing "Let's Stay Together" for team Shakira.

Her powerful rendition of the song made Adam regret letting her go, because he had her on his team before the "Battle Rounds." Blake jumped at the chance to make fun of Adam, telling him he definitely screwed up by letting her go and Usher affirmed that it was an error on Adam's part.

The next contestant was Justin Rivers, who performed "Meet Me in the Middle" for team Blake.

The fun performance had the whole audience singing and dancing, which Usher and Shakira both loved. Adam took a jab at Blake by saying he's so glad there is finally a country contestant that is a threat to his career, which was a huge compliment for Justin.

The biggest moment of the night was definitely Danielle Bradbery's performance. Danielle sang "Maybe it Was Memphis" and it was absolutely flawless.

All of the judges are still in shock that Danielle is only 16-years-old and this was only her fourth performance...ever!

Usher commented on how comfortable Danielle seems on stage and told her she has a long career ahead of her. Shakira was left speechless by the performance and had to steal one of Blake's phrases to sum up her feelings when she said, "holy cr*p!" Adam told Danielle that she scares him because his team has to compete against her and Blake said that she's one of the most important artists who has ever been on the show.

The last performance was Sasha Allen, singing "Oh Darlin'" for team Shakira.

While Danielle was a tough act to follow, Sasha certainly pulled it off.

Adam said that she was absolutely amazing and while he's bummed that he gave her up during the "Battle Rounds," he feels she can win no matter what team she's on. Usher said he's still in shock that Adam gave her up and Shakira said she has one of the best voices she's ever heard in her entire life.

We also got to see the contestants from both teams perform group songs and an awesome duet by Blake and Shakira.

What was your favorite moment from part two of the live playoffs?



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