Demi Lovato Shares Favorite Songs from New Album, Famous Lovatics

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In a new interview, Demi Lovato talks about her favorite songs from her new album, 'Demi.' She also shares some of the famous Lovatics that love her music. Find out who her celeb fans are--surprised? %VIRTUAL-Gallery-175114%

Have you listened to Demi Lovato's new album Demi yet? Demi allowed fans to unlock the full album and we love all the songs.

What about Demi's favorite songs on the new album?

In a new interview with Hot 99.5 radio station, Demi was asked just that question.

She was asked if there was one song that she thought was "magic" and the one everyone would love after she finished recording it.

Demi said, "I feel like with 'Nightingale' that was possibly one of my favorite songs. 'Heart Attack' was another one."

She added, "There's definitely several songs that I'm really really proud of."

Demi also talked about some of her famous fans--including Cher, who Demi says, "Cher may not listen to her own music, but she listens to mine, she told me she's a Lovatic...just sayin', coolest thing ever."

Another famous fan? Kelly Clarkson.

What's your favorite song from Demi's new album?


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