Did Harry Styles Hook Up with a Fan on a Norway Party Bus?

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Did Harry Styles and Camilla Foss hook up when he hung out on a party bus in Norway this week? We've got all the facts--she invited Harry aboard and he did go, but are reports they were kissing true? Harry Styles hung out on a party bus with some students in Norway earlier this week, and rumors that he hooked up with one of the fans are swirling.

Any truth to this newest Harry hookup rumor?

As these things go, Harry seems to be linked with every girl he's in proximity to, so take this one with a grain of salt.

The buzz this time is that Harry and18-year-old student Camilla Foss kissed after he partied with her and her friends.

Camilla and Harry met at 1D's Oslo hotel, where she invited him on the party bus that a group of fans were hanging out on.

A source told The Sun, "There were loads of girls pawing him but he focused on Camilla. It got pretty sweaty in there."

The source added, "Fans are saying they've been seen kissing and she's been spotted at his hotel."

A pic of Harry with Camilla surfaced on Twitter and fans took off on a jealous frenzy, natch.

Party-goer Michelle Fjeld-Hansen spilled the details to E! News, explaining that Camilla told Harry about the graduation party bus, inviting him along.

Michelle explained that "When he came on the bus, we just spilled some drinks on him and he got wet. Everyone jumps around and spills beer and everyone kind of gets wet and your hair gets crazy. We poured the beer on him to welcome him."

She added, "It is really crazy to have a celebrity that famous on our party bus," calling their famous party guest's arrival "just sick, awesome, insane. It is almost like Justin Bieber coming with us."

Reportedly, Harry's bodyguards were behind the bus the whole time and he left at 3am.

After 1D's show in Oslo, Harry tweeted: "Oslo was amazing.. Thanks for having us. One of my favourite places in the world."

Do you think Harry and the Norwegian fan hooked up?



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