Glee's Season 4 Finale Sneak Peek: Will Two Major Questions Finally be Answered?

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New Directions travel to Regionals, but face stiff competition when they go head-to-head with the Hoosierdaddies and their lead singer Frida Romero, played by Jessica Sanchez of 'American Idol.' Plus, Rachel finds out if she'll be "Funny Girl" on Broadway. In the words of Will Schuester (Matthew Morrison), "We have struggled. We have endured. This is our moment. Regionals!" Yes, the moment is here for us fans! The season finale of Glee airs tonight on Fox, and we here at Cambio are hoping that all the lingering questions from season 4 will finally be answered. Please, pretty please, Ryan Murphy.

So many questions about our favorite characters and so little time--only one hour. The promo for the finale promises to answer two major questions: Does Rachel (Lea Michele) get the role in Funny Girl on Broadway? And who is Ryder's (Blake Jenner) catfish hoax (so we can know who to hate)? Plus, there's a teaser for a wedding, which we hope is for Klaine and not Wilma. Then there's an American Idol connection with Jessica Sanchez guest starring as Frida Romero, the lead singer for Hoosierdaddies, New Directions' biggest competition. We also know that the kids will sing "Hall of Fame," "I Don't Care," and one of Marley's original songs, but other than that very few people in the Glee camp have talked about the season finale. No matter how much we begged.

One person who is talking is Naya Rivera, who plays Santana. (As you remember Brittana's breakup was hard, but now Brittany is moving on with Sam and has been accepted into MIT in Boston.) In an interview with E!'s Kristin Dos Santos, Naya talks about Santana's and Brittany's (Heather Morris) emotional finale scene this season. Naya says, "Santana is figuring out what happens with Brittany's character, and I come back and obviously get to talk to her, and sort of wrap things up, and it's kind of sad." Naya goes on to say about Santana's future romances, "I would love to explore Santana as this independent adult living in this new city and what that means for her love life and all that good stuff."

One rumor that we did hear from the blogosphere is that someone in this picture will not be coming back? Now we noticed that Cory Monteith is not there as Finn, but we knew he would have to miss part of the season because of his time in rehab. Could it be Brittany who is not coming back? We know that Heather Morris is going to have a baby soon and her character has been accepted into MIT, which is in Boston and there are no other Glee characters in Boston. As they say, you'll just have to tune in and watch, or stop by later for Cambio's Season 4 finale recap!


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