Liam Payne Records Video with Fan's Phone: Watch!

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Check out the video footage Liam Payne took with a fan's phone at a recent One Direction concert. Liam gets video of himself, Niall, Louis, Zayn and Harry, plus the crowd. That's one lucky fan! %VIRTUAL-Gallery-170601%

For any fan that's had the honor of getting a One Direction guy to film video on their phone? We envy you.

Watch as Liam Payne gets a little up-close-and-personal video footage with someone's cell.

It's not just a quick blip, either.

At 1D's Antwerp show earlier this month, Liam took footage with the camera, singing into it himself and then showing a crowd shot.

He even leaned in really close to sing--it's like having him sing right to you, like no one else is in the room.

Then, Liam had a roam with the camera, shooting video of Zayn, who gives a little cutie face, Harry, who offers up a smile and a wave, then over to Niall and Liam goofing off.

He finished it off with more crowd shots and then some one-on-one time with that a kiss?

Then the camera landed back in the happy girl's hands for a reaction shot from her.

Luckiest fan ever? Um, yeah, we'd say so!



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