Naya Rivera Talks 'Glee' Finale, Hopes Santana Meets a New Girlfriend in New York

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Naya Rivera takes to Ustream to dish on 'Glee' and take questions from fans. She hopes Santana will make new friends and get a GF in New York.
After facing some technical difficulties with USTREAM (apparently no one could hear her for several minutes) Naya Rivera answered some fan questions. Scroll forward to the one-minute mark if you don't want to watch a painful "testing" segment.

Telling us she wishes that Santana would make new friends and hopefully get a new GF in New York, Naya also says she thinks this season's finale will be as emotional as past seasons but maybe not so shocking.

(Just in case you can't get the video clip to play, we transcribed it for you, below.)

Fan Question: What do you think was the song of the season and why?
I'm going to say "At the Ballet" this season because, not because I was in it, but because it was one of the songs I never heard of before having to do it on the show and I actually fell in love with it. I thought it was beautiful and obviously singing and working with Sarah Jessica Parker you can't get any better than that.

Fan Question: What is your favorite episode of Glee so far?
Super tough question! I really liked "Blame It on the Alcohol" because we got to do a Jamie Foxx song and act like we were drunk which was fun.

Fan Question: Do you think this season finale of Glee will be more emotional than the previous seasons?
Um, I think that it will be just as equally emotional maybe not so shocking.

Fan Question: When you were younger what did you dream of becoming when you grew up? To be famous?
Yes, I only dreamed of becoming an actress and a singer. Those are the only two things that I really wanted to do. It was sort of plan A or plan A. I'm really happy that it worked out.

Fan Question: How do you prepare yourself for your scenes on Glee?
It depends on what the scene is if it is something really emotional, you know, I will plug in my headphones and go into a corner by myself and look super weird and listen to the saddest songs ever until I can cry as soon as they yell action, but other than that we just have so much fun and so much chemistry with each other and the people we work with that you know it's fairly easy and I'm blessed for that.

Fan Question: Who is your inspiration?
My mom. Mother's Day is coming good to your moms everyone.

Fan Question: Any place you want to visit?
How about your house?

Fan Question: Will you make other film or movies?
Yeah! Hopefully! I would love, obviously, to be in some films and movies. So, fingers crossed for that!

Fan Question: How do you feel about Santana exploring other options in her love life while she's in New York?
I think that is ultimately inevitable. I think that since Santana has moved to a new place she's going to start making new friends and hopefully get a new GF and that would be really interesting

Fan Question: If you could do a duet on Glee with a character you've never done a duet with before, who would it be?

Sadly, the USTREAM stopped working before Naya could answer the question. Crazy technology, but Naya took to twitter to apologize:

How crazy was that ustream?! Maybe I just broke it. :-) Sorry for the glitches, love you all!


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