One Direction Teases "1 Big Announcement": What Is 1D's Big News?

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One Direction has 1BigAnnouncement...but you have to wait until May 16, 2013 to find out what the big news is. Check out their countdown clock to the big day and let us know what you think they're announcing.
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One Direction has one big announcement...but what is it?

This morning we were getting our Twitter fix, when the One Direction guys broke in with a very special announcement.

They've got news. And it's big.

So big, in fact, it requires a special website with a countdown clock that's ticking off the days/hours/minutes/seconds until we'll get the big 1D news.

What could it be?

Click through to and you'll get the countdown with a message "...until #1bigannouncement! May 16."

Well played, One Direction guys. You've got our attention and now we're on pins and needles waiting to hear the news.

Album news, more tour dates, TV specials, fan meetings, a contest, a special live chat? TELL US!!!

Niall tweeted: "THE most exciting 1D news EVER is being announced in 6 days!"

Liam tweeted: "Get ready! Exciting announcement coming from us nextttttt week!"

What do you think it is?

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