Shakira Opens Up About Motherhood, Her Body and Baby Milan

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The Voice judge Shakira says that she isn't completely satisfied with her body yet, saying she still has a long way to go. Shakira gave birth to baby Milan four short months ago and amazingly, she's already rocking her pre-baby flawless figure!

The 36-year-old Colombian singer said that she was doing a lot of Zumba to stay in shape, but admitted that she isn't working out as much as she used to since Milan has been born as she wants to spend every free second she has with him.

While it's obvious to anyone who looks at the "Hips Don't Lie" singer that her body is pure perfection, she isn't completely satisfied yet. "I still have a long way to go," she told ABC News. "I still have a few pounds over to lose...I look decent."

Sorry, Shakira, but we beg to differ!

The Voice judge also opened up about her little bundle of joy, saying, "He's great. He's so mellow, but he's very alert too...It's like he knows what's going on around him. He knows when someone comes in the room or comes out. He's something."

The show's host, Carson Daly (who has two kids of his own) says that Shakira's accommodations on set are completely centered around Milan. "With Milan it's a full blown nursery!" he spilled. "It's just like Shakira's door opens and 'It's a Small World' starts playing. It's built for Milan. And it's really special and it's cool. We're like a little family."

While it must be hard to juggle such a busy career with motherhood, it sounds like Shakira definitely has her priorities straight!

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