'The Voice': What's in Blake Shelton's Cup?!

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We asked The Voice contestants what they think is in Blake Shelton's Starbucks cup that he is always so enthusiastic about. Blake Shelton has been very vocal about the fact that he LOVES his Starbucks latte that is a fixture in his cup holder on his Voice judge's chair.

Combine the country crooner's over-enthusiasm about his latte and his self-proclaimed love for drinking with his crazy antics on the show, and now he's got everyone wondering what the heck is in that cup!

On one of The Voice live shows this week, Blake was SO excited about the contents of his cup that a fan jokingly asked him if there was whiskey in his "special latte." Of course, Blake played right along saying that of course there was!

So, when we had a chance to catch up with The Voice contestants, we were dying to know what's REALLY in Blake Shelton's cup.

Watch the video above to hear their hilarious responses.

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