'American Idol's' Angie Miller on Elimination: "It Was a Little Shocking"

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American Idol's eliminated finalist Angie Miller talked to us after the results show and tells us about her initial reaction. Are you guys surprised with the top 2? American Idol top 3 finalist Angie Miller performing on stage.
Angie Miller may have shed a few tears on stage after being eliminated from American Idol this week, but she still walked into a full press room with a smile.

"I'm not disappointed," Angie told us. "I'm not going to lie, it was a little shocking. But I know this is only the start."

Angie thought that her hometown visit was just what she needed. "I definitely thought with the hometown visit and how huge social media has been, I did feel kind of confidence I was going to make it to the finale." (Angie did and still does have the biggest social media following out of the top 10.)

The judges approached her on stage after the show. "They all said, 'Girl this is not over. You're still going to do incredible things.'" Angie knows the judges took the first chance on her. "They brought me here," she said. "America has too, but they initially did."

This week, one of the judges just announced that this will be his final season on Idol. "Randy has always brought a lot. He's been a great judge," Angie said. "It'll be different without him, but all the judges have been incredible."

One of our favorite memories of Angie this season is the same one she has in mind. "Honestly, it's when I was able to sing 'You Set Me Free,' my original song," she told us. "Being able to have this platform on this show. That really was the launch, that's when everything changed for me."

She may not be in the finale, but that doesn't mean she's not excited. "First of all, Candice and Kree are going to kill it," Angie said, "I can't wait to watch them!" But Angie and the rest of the top 10 will also be performing. "It's going to be cool singing this coming Thursday and not be judged."

But being judged all season was part of Angie's journey. "I've learned so much," she told us, "Just grown so much." Idol has helped her with more than music.

"I've learned what to do as a performer, an artist and just as a person," Angie said. "In the midst of everything going on around you, you find yourself."


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