Demi Lovato Says She Dyes Her Hair A Lot Because She's Bipolar

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The 'Heart Attack' singer sits down with Ellen DeGeneres to discuss her newly blonde locks and spills just how many different hair colors she's had Why does Demi Lovato dye her hair so often?

She showed off her newly lightened locks in Washington, D.C. this week and chatted with Ellen DeGeneres more about her chameleon hairstyles.

"You've heard I'm bipolar," she said during a sit down for The Ellen Show, which airs Monday. "So I change my hair a lot."

"So how often do you change your hair?" Ellen replied. "What colors have you had?"

Almost all of them, it turns out! Demi says she's had "black, brunette, red, like orangey red, pink and blue".

Demi also explained why she's often photographed with a pillow at the airport.

"I travel with a pillow because flying is really tricky when you fly as often as I do," she shared, adding that she's never sure if she'll be given a comfy one on the plane or not. "I always just think better to be safe than sorry and look like an idiot carrying your own pillow through the airport!"

She also shared that she often takes pillows from the four-star hotels she's staying at. LOL!



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