Harry Styles Wild Party Bus Night: Harry Found Naked, Passed Out in Hotel Room?

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Was Harry Styles found naked and passed out after a drunken party bus adventure in Norway? Harry reportedly hooked up with a fan aboard the party bus and was found by Liam on the hotel floor. True? %VIRTUAL-Gallery-173697%

Harry Styles was seen partying on a bus with students in Norway (and even reportedly hooked up with one fan), but now there are new details about how the night ended--with Harry naked and passed out.

A source tells the Daily Star that Liam Payne found Harry naked on the hotel room floor after his late night out.

According to the Daily Star, Liam said, "You should have seen him. At 12:15 the next day he was just lying there, knocked out, naked on the floor of his hotel."

A fan invited Harry aboard the party bus and later he said of the night, "It was fantastic. I was in that bus for three hours. It was the best time ever. As soon as I got on board I got three beers poured over me."

He added, "I did behave," though some reports say he and party-goer Camilla Foss kissed while on the bus.

A source told the paper, "Fans are saying they've been seen kissing and she's been spotted at his hotel."

We're not sure what happened, but Harry's no doubt hoping what happens aboard the party bus, stays on the party bus.


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