'Idol' Finalist Candice Glover Responds to News of Randy Jackson's Departure

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Candice Glover will be competing for the 'American Idol' title next week! How is she going to prepare for the finale? And how does she feel about original judge Randy Jackson announcing it's his final season? American Idol top 2 finalist Candice Glover performing on stage.
Congratulations to Candice Glover for making it to Idol's finale!

With Candice's strong performances throughout this season, we couldn't imagine her not being there for the finale.

"When Ryan called my name I was so surprised," Candice said. "Did you see me run? That's the same dance I did when I made the top 10." She told us her runaway dance happens when, "I'm happy beyond words and that's all I can do at the moment."

And what a moment it was for her. "I've been wanting this for my whole life," said Candice. But she wasn't expecting it. "Every week I practice my song for when I get cut," she told us. "Just cause you had a good week doesn't mean nobody else did."

All three girls had a good week, but one of them had to go. "I was definitely shocked about Angie," Candice said. "She has an amazing voice and the perfect personality. I'm going to miss her so much. She's the one that gets our energy out."

Someone else that Candice will miss is a judge who announced that he wouldn't be returning to Idol. "Randy has been here all three times that I was here," Candice said, "He's seen me grow. I definitely don't think any season after this will be the same without 'In it to win it' and 'Yo, dawg!'"

Even though America thought Candice had three great performances this week, she didn't think so. "I wasn't happy with any of my performances last night," she said. "Just because I'm a perfectionist and I can always find something that I could have done better."

And how is she planning to perfect the finale? "Mentally prepare myself. And really dig deep into my songs," Candice told us. "These performances are going to determine if you win or not."

Who do you want to see win American Idol?


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