Idol's Final Two: Kree Harrison Reveals, "I Thought Tonight Was It!"

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Kree Harrison makes it to American Idol's top 2! Was she expecting to make it this far and what is her game plan for the finale? American Idol's Kree Harrison performing on stage.
Congratulations to Kree Harrison for making it to Idol's finale!

We've been rooting for Kree all season, but we weren't sure how the top 2 were going to play out. And neither did Kree.

"It hasn't sunk in," she said. "At some point, I thought I'm going to go home and I thought tonight was it." But she is elated that she's still in the competition. "I feel so thankful that people believe in me enough to give me the opportunity to sing again."

One judge gave her some honest advice. "Randy was so sweet and said, 'Next week you sing from here [your heart], don't think about it. Just sing your heart out" says Kree of the original judge who just announced that this would his last season judging on Idol. "He's always been nice and humble and always comes up after the show."

When Kree and Angie Miller were waiting for the results on stage, they shared a moment. "We were just telling each other how proud we are of each other no matter what happens," Kree told us. "She's my little sister at this point."

But Kree knows what she's in for next week. "I honestly said to her [Angie], 'I'm going to really have to sing my butt off.'"

Getting ready for the finale is something we can't even wrap our heads around, but Kree has a plan. "I'm just going to try to literally sink in everything," she said. "I'm going to give it my all just so I have no regrets," Kree added, "Whatever happens, I'll know that I did my very best."

Who do you want to see win American Idol?


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