Gallery | Who's Got Style? Kimye Does!

Kanye West walked into a pole today--and then he had a full on meltdown at the paparazzi he felt were responsible for the situation.

Kanye and Kim Kardashian were spotted leaving an L.A. garage and while he tried to avoid getting his pic taken, hiding his face from the cameras...BAM!

Kanye banged his head against a metal sign.

It can't be easy having cameras follow your every move and no doubt he was pissed off that he got hurt while trying to get out of the line of the paparazzi, but dang, he was mad.

He let the paparazzi have it, yelling, "Stop taking f**king pictures man!"

Kimye went to a restaurant, but Kanye wasn't done with his meltdown, emerging again to rant once more.

We do love how Kim was by his side to apply a little TLC to his head though. It's those maternal instincts kicking in.

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