5 Things to Know About Rita Ora

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Rita Ora was discovered by Roc Nation when she was singing in clubs in London at the age of 18. Jay-Z caught wind of her talents, flew her out to New York and signed her! With the success of her 2012 album ORA in the UK, British singer-songwriter Rita Ora gained mainstream appeal when she released the album's singles "How We Do (Party)" and "RIP" in the U.S. The Roc-Nation pop princess's album debuted at No.1 in the UK, and gave her the most number one singles on the UK Singles Chart in 2012.

Check out our five things to know about the blonde-haired beauty.

5) Rita was born in Kosovo (Pristina, Yugoslavia) and moved to London with her family when she was one. She went back to Pristina last year to film her music video for "Shine Ya Light."

4) How was Rita Ora discovered? Singing in a nightclub in London in 2009 when she was 18 years old. She had been doing acoustic sets in her dad's pub and beyond, and Roc Nation eventually heard about her. "The hype started to gather," Rita told LA's Power 106-FM. "People started to hear about my shows and it got into Roc Nation's ears...my aim was for people to talk my name, and gradually after a year and a half or two years, it happened. I got a call that said [Jay-Z] wants to talk to you. The next day I flew to New York."

3) She started singing at six, songwriting at 14 and "doing live gigs" at 16. "I started writing songs for artists and I was doing really well,"Rita told LA's Power 106 FM. "After school, people would go to the playground and I would go to the studio."

2) Although she nabbed a role in Fast & The Furious 6, acting isn't new for this 22-year-old starlet. Rita previously attended the prestigious Sylvia Young Theater School in London and appeared in the 2004 British crime flick Spivs, in which she played a young Albanian girl.

1) She considers the Spice Girls to be one of her biggest influences, telling Elle ""I just remember watching them--not even meeting them--and I was completely mesmerized," Ora said. "It feels great to meet someone who is not human, but is." Rita covers the mag's May 2013 "Women in Music" issue.

Check out Rita Ora's music video for "Radioactive!"


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